Nothing beats freshly waxed eyebrows.

When you first get your eyebrows done, they look downright amazing. They are perfectly shaped, and there are no stray hairs cramping your style. But, ensuring that your eyebrows stay perfect until it’s time to schedule another appointment is a whole other matter. Proper eyebrow maintenance between appointments is not always easy, but there are lots of ways to keep your eyebrows on point. Lucky for you, your friends at Inner Beauty Concepts — Nashua’s premier day spa — have come up with this guide on proper eyebrow maintenance between appointments.

Schedule waxing appointments strategically.

Keeping your eyebrows looking great between waxes isn’t just about home maintenance. In fact, the timing of your appointments plays a huge role. Hair grows in cycles, and if you make it a point to get your eyebrows waxed every four to five weeks like clockwork, eventually, all of the growth cycles of all of those stray hairs around your eyebrows will start to sync up. This alone will help your eyebrows to look cleaner between appointments.

Don’t overdo it if you decide to tweeze.

Tweezing stray hairs between appointments is not the best option. This will hinder the in-sync growth cycle we talked about in our last point, because the hair won’t be growing back at the same time anymore. But, if you simply can’t stand the strays and you absolutely must tweeze, it’s important to take a few precautions:

  • Don’t overdo it – You’d be surprised at how quickly tweezing a few stray hairs leads to bald spots and misshapen brows. Remember that, once you tweeze a hair, there’s no getting it back until it grows again, so it’s better to tweeze too little than too much.
  • Tweeze one hair at a time – While it may seem easier and less painful to pluck several hairs out at once, it’s a slippery slope to tweezing more than you want to.
  • Fill in your brows first – Before you start cleaning up stray hairs, fill in your brows as you would during your normal routine. This will make it easier to spot hairs that need to be tweezed outside the brow line and minimize the risk of tweezing hairs in your brow line.
  • Don’t magnify your brows when you tweeze – It’s not easy to see those teeny tiny little hairs when you’re not using a magnifying mirror, but getting too up close and personal with your eyebrows is going to make it seem like there are a lot more strays to pluck than there actually are, and you could easily go too far.
  • Know when enough is enough – In your quest for perfect eyebrows, it’s easy to keep picking hairs here and there for the right shape, but it’s important to know when to stop.

Let us help you achieve the perfect eyebrows!

These are just a couple of tips for helping you maintain your eyebrows in between waxing appointments. If you’d like to learn more, please make sure you stay tuned for Part 2. In the meantime, if your brows are due for professional attention, schedule your appointment with us at Inner Beauty Concepts today!