When it comes to skin care, everyone seems to have a different regimen to keep their faces looking healthy and glowing. From the face wash they use to the different masks they try, the world of skin care has endless options to try.

A daily routine is crucial to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, but there are other skin care treatments that an esthetician can perform at your local spa to give your skin a deeper sense of rejuvenation. One of these skin care treatments is a chemical peel, and they vary in intensity depending on the results you’re looking for.

A chemical peel is a process that works by “burning” the top layers of skin with a chemical solution. This will cause the layers to peel away, regenerating new layers of skin underneath faster. It removes dead skin cells from the outer layers to reveal newer, softer, and smoother skin underneath. Read more about the benefits of getting a chemical peel, and schedule an appointment for this skin care treatment today at Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua.

Eliminates Skin Blotches

If you have blotchy skin, it also tends to give you a dull complexion as well. This issue is not something that can clear up on its own, and over-the-counter skin care products won’t completely do the job either. A chemical peel, though, is able to penetrate to deeper layers of skin and remove the darker skin, evening out the skin tone and brightening your overall complexion.

Removes Appearance Of Sun Damage

If you have fine lines and wrinkles on your face, it’s more than likely sun damage from not wearing enough sunscreen. You can prevent further sun damage by wearing sunscreen regularly and sticking to your skin care routine, but you won’t be able to eliminate the appearance of damage that’s already been done. A chemical peel, however, quickly removes layers of skin that have been affected by sun damage and will give you skin a smoother, healthier appearance.

Manages Acne

If you suffer from moderate or severe acne, a chemical peel is a great option for treating it. Lighter peels are best for acne-prone skin or sensitive skin and work to shed skin cells more quickly so pores have less time to become clogged. Chemical peels can also help reduce inflammation associated with acne. Over a few months of this skin care treatment, it can also help clear up acne scars.

Creates Smoother, Brighter Skin

Even if you don’t have skin issues that you’re trying to clear up, a chemical peel is a great way to keep your skin smooth and bright. Because it allows your skin cells to turn over faster and removes more dead skin cells, your complexion will be smoother and brighter with the newer skin cells. Certain peels will also help increase collagen production so your skin cells are stronger and more supple. Chemical peels also helps even skin tone so your skin looks healthier and more youthful.

Works Quickly

Chemical peels are performed quickly. The process of applying the chemical peel and letting it sit doesn’t take longer than 15–20 minutes. You’ll be able to complete your appointment within an hour. The process also works quickly. It only takes one or two treatments before skin cells start to shed and turn over more quickly. You’ll start to see results in a few days, with only a short amount of time during which your skin is peeling.

Get Younger Looking Skin

Maintaining a daily skin care routine is a great way to maintain and improve the health of your skin, but if you have certain skin issues or you’re trying to see an improvement quickly, then a chemical peel could be the best option for you! Schedule a chemical peel or other skin care treatment today with Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua.