We recently went over the steps and products for the best morning skin care routine, but did you know that your skin needs different care overnight than during the day? We’ll go over all of the products you need, and the order you should be using them in, to give you beautiful skin while you sleep.

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Double The Cleanser

For your nighttime skin care routine, it’s important to remove all of your makeup, as well as the dirt and oil your skin came into contact with during the day. You can remove it using a makeup removed or a cleansing oil.

The next step is to use a gentle cleanser that leaves your skin fresh and prepped to absorb the other products you apply before bedtime.

Toners And Essences

If you use a toner, apply it like you would in the morning. You could also use an essence or skin care booster that work to hydrate and nourish your skin.

While toners are formulated to cleanse, essences and boosters are designed to deliver a treatment. If you’re layering toners and essences, apply layers from thinnest to thickest.

Eye Cream

We talked about eye cream for your morning skin care routine, but if you don’t use it in the morning, you should definitely use it at night. It helps prevent crow’s feet, treats dark circles, and also protects your eyes from ingredients in other products that could irritate them.

Serums, Creams, And Pads

The rule of thumb for applying these treatments is to only use what you need. The more treatments you use, the more likely you are to irritate your skin rather than help it. Use prescription treatments as directed — like acne and rosacea. For exfoliants, applying one to three nights a week is sufficient. Don’t use these with any other treatments in order to avoid irritation. Use retinol creams as directed (like you would a prescription). You should only use detoxifying or clay masks about once a week.

Hydrating Mask

You can use this or a face oil if your skin is more dry. Their formulas are mild and are great way to add the extra hydration to your skin as it needs it.

Night Cream

You can use the same moisturizer that you do in the morning, but opting for a night cream is a better solution to deliver more hydration because their formulas are thicker and designed to be absorbed over longer periods of time. It also acts as a protective layer and keeps moisture from escaping from your skin while you sleep.


When it comes to your nighttime skin care routine, applying only what you need is the most important practice. You don’t always need to exfoliate, nor do you always need the extra hydration from a mask.

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