When it comes to skin care, is your morning routine keeping your skin beautiful and clear throughout the day? Learn about the different skin care products you should be using in the morning, how they help, and what order you should be using them in to keep your skin healthy and looking flawless one day after the next.

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Start your morning skin care routine by wetting your face with warm water and washing your face with a gentle cleanser. It’s important to choose a cleanser that is designed for your skin type, otherwise you run the risk of your skin being too dry or too oily.


New formulas for toners serve multiple purposes and help nourish and protect your skin during the day. They can help deliver antioxidants, vitamin Bs, and toning acids. Toners are also designed for specific skin types, so make sure to find the right one for you.

Note: A lot of cleansers serve a similar purpose as toners, so if your skin already looks and feels healthy, there may not be a need to add a toner to your skin care routine if you don’t already use one.


Skin care serums come in a variety of treatment options, and an antioxidant serum is recommended for the day. That’s because the ingredients can help neutralize damage from UV rays and pollution, as well as inhibit inflammation.

It’s important to apply a serum earlier in your skin care routine so that your skin can absorb as much of the concentrated and dense nutrients as possible.

Eye Cream

An eye cream is essential for keeping the thinner, more delicate skin around your eyes elastic and smoothe. You can use it once a day at nighttime, but for maximum nourishment, use it in the morning and at night.

Spot Treatment

This step is for people treating acne or other skin conditions, but these prescription treatments should come as closely into contact with the skin as possible (like the serum) in order to deliver the active ingredients. These treatments also have a tendency to dry out your skin, so only apply it where you need it.


Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer is an important step in your skin care routine because it helps protect your skin against pollutants and damage with the additional hydration.

It’s recommended that you apply moisturizer to damp skin, so it’s important to get through the preceding steps quickly. Also, avoid putting moisturizer on the areas where you’ve applied the spot treatment, as the moisturizer can interfere with its effectiveness.


There are a lot of moisturizers that include sunscreen, so sometimes these last two steps can go together. If your moisturizer doesn’t have UV protection, however, it’s recommended that you use a mineral sunscreen — like one that includes zinc — that protects against UVA and UVB rays.


A daily skin care routine is important to maintain healthy, supple skin. If you’re looking for more intensive treatments or just want to treat your skin to a little extra care, schedule a skin care appointment at Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua.