There are many steps you can take to get prepared for your first bikini wax.

Bikini waxing is the best way to remove hair from your bikini area, but even if you already know about all of the benefits of waxing, it doesn’t make the prospect of getting it done any easier or less intimidating. If you’re overly concerned about your first body waxing appointment, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Inner Beauty Concepts, and we’re your premier source for spa treatments in Nashua. In our last blog, we touched on a few things you can do to prepare for your first bikini wax. Keep reading to learn more.

#4. Take a shower

If you’re feeling a little bit iffy about having a total stranger all up in your business, you’re not alone. No one is particularly excited about getting waxed by a stranger, particularly in the bikini area. If you’re feeling self-conscious (or even if you’re not), a warm shower before your appointment can help to ease your mind. The warm water will help to make it easier to pull the hair out, which can help to ease some of the pain of the procedure. Plus, your waxer will thank you if you come in clean.

#5. Consult your cycle when scheduling your appointment

If you’re hoping to make your waxing session as painless as possible, then it’s important to pay close attention to your menstrual cycle when you schedule your appointment. This is because your pain threshold goes hand in hand with your menstrual cycle. The days leading up to your period, when everything from romantic comedies to the cheesiest commercials makes you cry, aren’t ideal for your first bikini wax. Schedule your appointment when your pain threshold is at its highest — which is the week after your period.

#6. Wear something loose and comfortable

After your waxing appointment, you’re going to have at least some level of discomfort, as well as some swelling. This is not the time to squeeze into your sexiest pair of skinny jeans. Instead, wear something lightweight, loose and comfortable to your waxing appointment. The pain and swelling will decrease after a half an hour or so, but you’ll definitely want to be wearing those loose clothes, especially at first.

#7. Take an over-the-counter pain reducer before your appointment

Waxing isn’t the most painful experience in the world, but neither is it pleasant. Some people are more sensitive to the pain than others, but if you’re nervous about the discomfort that comes with waxing, it doesn’t hurt to take some acetaminophen or ibuprofen before your appointment.

While there’s no magic bullet for eliminating all of the discomfort from waxing, taking the time to prepare yourself ahead of your waxing appointment can make a big difference. We hope that this blog series will allow you go to into your first waxing appointment with your head held high. If you have questions or concerns about waxing, or you’re looking to schedule an appointment with our amazing team, contact us today!