The Fitzpatrick Scale

This numerical classification system was invented in 1975 by Thomas B Fitzpatrick as a way to differentiate between the different classes of skin color in order to estimate the different responses each skin type has to ultraviolet light. Understanding this scale and knowing which class your skin type falls under is important when considering the different types of skincare and skin treatments available to you. This is especially true of IPL treatments because certain skin types can actually see a reduction of pigment in the area treated. Check out the diagram below to determine which class your skin falls under.

Once you have identified your skin type, keep in mind that IPL treatments are not recommended for anyone with skin types V and VI. Even type IV may want to consult with one of our IPL specialists before scheduling your appointment. If you would like to learn more about skin types and the different treatments available for each type, stop by or give us a call. We would love to talk with you and help you find the best treatments for you and your skin type.