Are you thinking about scheduling your first massage? If you’ve never had a massage before, the thought of someone touching you while being covered only by a towel may seem intimidating. However, we guarantee that the only thing your massage therapist is worried about is making sure that you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

As you prepare for your first massage, there are a few important things to keep in mind. In today’s blog from Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua, we’ll go over a few tips to remember before your first session so that you can be at ease when you arrive and completely relaxed when you leave. If you haven’t scheduled an appointment yet, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Inner Beauty Concepts to schedule a massage at our day spa today.


Yes, we know that you’re getting your massage in order to relax, but it’s important that you arrive at your appointment as relaxed as possible to begin with. To start, try not to be rushed coming in for your appointment.  Drink plenty of water, and avoid eating within 2 or 3 hours before your scheduled appointment. The massage may be uncomfortable if you have a full stomach when you arrive. Most importantly, remember that we are here to help reduce your stress and anxiety. Do what you can to clear your mind and allow yourself to rest during your appointment.


Before your massage therapist begins, they will need to know if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort anywhere, if you have any allergies to lotions or oils, or if there are any areas you’d like them to avoid altogether. Don’t forget that we are here to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, so it’s important to communicate openly with your therapist. Some massage therapists will talk to you throughout the massage and others will play music and stay silent. If you prefer one atmosphere over the other, don’t be afraid to let your therapist know before the massage begins.

During the massage, we don’t want you to be experiencing pain or discomfort, so speak up immediately if you are experiencing either. Positive feedback is also encouraged if you are enjoying a specific area or the amount of pressure being applied.

Take It Easy

As you finish your session, lay on the table for a few minutes before getting up to get dressed. If you get up too quickly, you may find yourself lightheaded or dizzy. Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Your massage has not only relieved a lot of tension from your muscles, but it has released toxins from your body as well, and it will be craving replenishment. Stick to a healthy meal and plenty of water, and get plenty of rest throughout the remainder of your day.

Schedule Your Next Massage at Inner Beauty Concepts Before You Go

Before you head home after your massage, be sure to stop by our front desk to schedule your next appointment! Massage therapy is most beneficial when you take part in it continuously. With more sessions, your body will begin to feel more relaxed and pain associated with stress or anxiety will subside.

At Inner Beauty Concepts, we take great pride in helping you escape from the busyness of the day-to-day routine by spending an hour or more in our Nashua day spa. Schedule a massage or any other treatment — facials, body waxing, IPL hair reduction, lash and brow services, and more — by giving us a call at (603) 883-8811 or booking your treatment online today.