If you’re trying to decide on your next spa treatment to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, consider trying foot reflexology. Reflexology is based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head that are linked to other parts of the body. With this theory in mind, the practice of reflexology aims to stimulate these reflex points in order to relieve tension and help treat illness depending on which part of the body the reflex point is connected to.

There are several reflex points on the foot that are believed to be connected to different parts of the body, including specific parts of the face as well as specific organs. When you schedule a spa appointment for foot reflexology, you could be helping treat issues that you have in your sinuses, your shoulders, your stomach, and so much more. Keep reading for more information about how foot reflexology could benefit you, and schedule an appointment with Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua if you decide this treatment is right for you.

Improves Circulation

Massage therapy in general helps stimulate the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body. Your feet are the furthest away from your heart than any other body part, making it more difficult to circulate blood to. As your feet are stimulated by the massage, though, you’ll experience increased blood and oxygen flow to your feet, warming them up and helping them function better. The stimulation to your feet also promotes better circulation throughout your body, aiding the function of vital organs, helping increase your metabolism, and helping damaged cells heal and regenerate faster.

Fights Depression And Anxiety

It is believed that there are reflex points in your foot that connect to different parts of the brain and can affect emotions. Massaging and stimulating these points help treat the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, reducing physiological pain and improving an individual’s state of wellbeing.

Promotes Relaxation And Sleep

Foot reflexology helps open neural pathways, which causes a state of relaxation in the body as neural activity is able to flow more freely. This state of relaxation is both physical and mental, calming the mind and releasing tension in different parts of the body. Since reflexology is able to stimulate relaxation, it is also a great tool to help you unwind at the end of the day and sleep.

Eliminates Toxins

There are different reflex points on the foot believed to be connected to body systems and organs that help flush toxins from the body. These connection points include general bladder function and the urinary tract. When these reflex points are stimulated, it helps improve the function of these systems so that they can more efficiently rid the body of toxins. When your body is flushing out toxins at optimal levels, it is also protecting itself from illness and health issues associated with the buildup of these toxins.

Relieves Pain

Many people seek out foot reflexology treatment as a method of managing and relieving pain. Specifically, foot reflexology is a way to relieve headaches and migraines. As the neural pathways open during a reflexology treatment, your body relaxes and tension in the muscles are released. Often, when muscles become tensed long enough — especially from stress, they will start to cause headaches and even migraines. As reflexology treats and relieves the muscle tension and stress, it also relieves and eliminates these painful and debilitating headaches.

Improves Cognition

There are several reflex points in the foot that are believed to be connected to different parts of the brain and how it functions. When these parts of the foot are massaged, it aids in opening up neural pathways and cleaning out toxins that impede brain function. Massaging these parts of the foot help improve focus and thought processes to improve the general function of the brain.

Try It For Yourself

Whether you’re looking to eliminate health issues or you’re just looking for a way to help you relax, foot reflexology offers noticeable results that could help improve your overall quality of life. At Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua, we offer foot reflexology and other spa treatments to help you relax and feel rejuvenated. Book your appointment now.