Whether you’re a parent preparing for school to start for your kids next month or you’re a college student going back to school in the fall, there’s no better way to end summer vacation than by treating yourself to a little pampering and R&R before your life gets hectic again.

At Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua, we offer a variety of spa treatments to help you look and feel your best for your everyday life or for a special occasion. From eyebrow and eyelash tinting to body waxing to massage, we have everything you need to help you look and feel your best during drop-off and pick-up times or on your way to your lecture. Book one (or all!) of the following spa treatments to help you look your best for picture day — whether you’re the one being photographed or not.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Getting up early enough in the morning to fix breakfast and lunch for the kids before sending them off to school is hard enough; it’s even harder if you need even more time to shower and get ready. You can make your early-morning routine a little bit easier and catch a few more Zs when you invest in eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

At Inner Beauty Concepts, we use only the best products to apply eyebrow and eyelash tinting to give you thicker, fuller, and more defined eyebrows and eyelashes. Our natural serum fortifies and conditions eyelashes and eyebrow hairs to give you healthier hair follicles. 

Over a six-week treatment period, you can double or even triple the length of your lashes using eyelash tinting without any necessary maintenance. Now you can roll out of bed for a busy morning and day at work without having to spend extra time in front of the mirror applying mascara or an eyebrow pencil.

Body Waxing

Another way to make your morning routine easier before jetting off to class or carpooling the neighbor kids to school is to eliminate the need to shave every day. Whether you’re a guy looking for a little manscaping before the fall semester starts or a lady wanting to look silky smooth in your shorts and skirts during the final warm months of the year, we offer a variety of body waxing treatments to help keep your skin hair-free for longer periods of time than shaving.

We offer the following waxing services to make your at-home hygiene routine that much more manageable:

  • Guy brows
  • Ears
  • Neck (back)
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Stomach
  • Navel
  • Full arms
  • Half arms
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • French bikini
  • Brazilian
  • Brazilian booty
  • Brazilian testi
  • Buttock
  • Hand & Foot
  • Half legs (upper)
  • Half legs (lower)

Not only do we offer an amazing number of spa treatments to help you keep your skin smooth, but we also provide thorough prep instructions to help make your body waxing experience as comfortable as possible.

Massage Therapy

Nothing takes the edge off from pre-semester nerves like a custom massage to help you relax before your days and nights are filled with class, homework, and study sessions. At Inner Beauty Concepts, we offer a variety of custom massages such as deep tissue, hot stone, couples, and add-ons. 

Book whatever massage length you need — from 30 minutes to two full hours of bliss and relaxation. Mom and dad both get stressed when the school year starts, so why not book a couples massage and unwind together? 

To make the massage therapy experience as comfortable for you as possible, we provide large rooms, large treatment tables, a peaceful environment, soft music, candles, steamed towels, essential oils, and both male and female massage therapists.

Start the school year off without any tension by booking one of our amazing massages today.

Foot Reflexology

Your shoulders and back aren’t the only thing that carry tension when you’re stressed; your feet can also experience the effects of an overly busy schedule. Start the school year off on the right foot by booking a reflexology session with one of the massage therapists at Inner Beauty Concepts.

Think about it — you’re running around all day, getting the kids off to school, hurrying to your next meeting, setting up a lunch date with your friend, and then chauffeuring the kids to extracurricular activities after school. Your feet take a beating. Foot reflexology is a great option for those on-the-go parents or students who don’t have time for a long luxurious massage, but could use the benefits. Reflexology can help reduce levels of stress and anxiety, help you sleep better, improve blood circulation, and even reduce headaches and other pain.

We offer our foot reflexology in sessions of 30 minutes or one hour, plus, you can add foot reflexology to any spa treatment for some additional pampering. We also offer hand reflexology for those who spend a lot of time writing, typing, or working with their hands.

Body Polish

You don’t want to start the new school year looking dull and tired already, do you? When the semester starts, you should look and feel your most refreshed so that you’re ready for your neverending to-do list until Thanksgiving break. While there are a variety of at-home exfoliators that you could use on your face and body to slough off dead skin, why not treat yourself to a final spa treatment for the summer with a body polish?

Our body polish treatments include your choice of scented oils to customize your experience, a gentle touch to help you relax, a full-body exfoliation so even those hard-to-reach spots are perfectly polished, as well as heated towels and warm lotion to leave your skin feeling moisturized and glowing.

Choose from scents like champagne and roses, pumpkin spice, cranberry butter, honey and soy, lime and coconut, or just a fragrance-free body polish to help your skin feel fresh and ready to take on the day.

Men’s Spa Treatments

Ladies aren’t the only ones who could benefit from some pampering and relaxation before the summer winds to a close. At Inner Beauty Concepts, we specialize in an entire line of spa treatments customized especially for men. Whether you’re a dad riling his kids out of bed for school in the morning or a guy stressing over your 8:00 a.m. lecture next month, treating yourself to some body work and grooming will help you feel ready to tackle those errands and reading lists.

If you’re interested in our grooming treatments, we offer body waxing or permanent hair reduction for your back, chest, and stomach. Our massage therapists offer powerfully effective massages such as deep tissue, sports, Swedish, and more. We also offer custom facials for men and pore refining facials to help improve your complexion and the health of your skin.

Other spa treatments that we offer especially for men are:

  • Hot/cold stone massages
  • Salt scrubs
  • Ear coning
  • Body stretching
  • Chiropractic care
  • Foot reflexology
  • Men’s skin care products
  • Ear hair removal
  • Nostril trimming and waxing
  • Nape of neck waxing
  • Stomach waxing
  • Arms, legs, and glutes waxing
  • Lash tinting
  • Brow tinting
  • Couples massages

If you’re a guy prone to stress when the school year starts, don’t bottle it up and let it manifest as tight muscles and irritated skin. Treat yourself to spa treatments that will help you feel calm, confident, and ready to tackle your busy schedule.

Everything You Need At Inner Beauty Concepts

At the end of the day, we have more than just spa treatments to help you feel relaxed and pampered. We also offer a variety of skin care treatments to help you maintain healthy skin at home, as well as med spa treatments that give you long-lasting results that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Book any one of these spa treatments, skin care treatments, or med spa treatments today at Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua to help you prepare for the school year ahead.