Now that we are in the midst of summer, we are truly enjoying the warmer weather. Following a long winter and a temperamental spring, we can finally put away our heavy sweaters, winter coats, jackets, and pants. That said, short skirts, sundresses, shorts, and sleeveless tops reveal more skin. Once you start showing more skin, you’ll be more aware of the appearance of your body hair. You could shave, but your smooth skin could be accompanied an unwanted prickly rash. At Inner Beauty Concepts, we offer a full menu of body waxing services for both men and women, and this includes the famed Brazilian wax.

Why Choose Waxing?

No Shaving Nicks

When your body hair is waxed off, you won’t ever have to worry about experiencing the nicks associated with shaving. This means that you won’t have any more tiny little cuts on your ankles and knees, which is a good thing.

Longer Results

Because the hair is pulled from the root, it takes several weeks for the hair to grow back so that you can enjoy the results longer. You’ll enjoy shorter showers because you won’t have to spend extra time shaving, which is a plus for anyone living an on-the-go lifestyle.

Smoother Skin

Not only does waxing remove hair, but it also removes dead skin cells as well.  Freshly waxed legs feel truly wonderful and silky smooth. Even freshly shaved legs can feel stubbly and they only feel worse as the hair grows out. When your hair is waxed, it grows back slowly and can grow back finer.

Bikini Waxing

Our bikini waxing services are especially popular because they yield far more desirable results than shaving. It’s quite common for women to experience skin irritation when shaving such a delicate area. Waxing results in a smooth bikini line so that women can wear swimsuits with the confidence that they don’t have any unwanted body hair or embarrassing rashes. We offer a variety of waxing services depending upon how much hair you want to remove.

Brief Bikini Wax

This type of wax refers to the removal of any hair you would see if you were wearing brief-cut panties. Before getting a bikini wax of any kind, you’ll need to have at least two weeks of hair growth so that the wax can properly remove the hair.

French Cut Bikini Wax

The French Cut Bikini Wax removes all the hair that a Brief Bikini wax, plus a little more. Although it won’t remove as much hair as a Brazilian wax, it would remove any hair that you would see if you were wearing a high-cut bikini bottom. If you are unsure of which type of bikini wax would be best for you, call our day spa for some help.

Brazilian Wax

Over the past ten years or so, the Brazilian bikini wax has become wildly popular. This removes all the hair both in the front and in the back of the bikini line. Like any other waxing service, you want at least two weeks of hair growth in order to experience optimal results.

Prepping For A Bikini Wax

You already know that you need at least two weeks of hair growth before getting a bikini wax, but we have some other helpful tips as well. Although we make our waxing services as comfortable as possible, it can still hurt (we are pulling your hair out at the root). Do not drink caffeine right before a bikini wax, because it will be more painful. You can take ibuprofen or aspirin 30 – 45 minutes before your appointment to reduce discomfort. We also offer numbing balms to purchase if you are particularly sensitive. Make sure that your skin is clean and gently washed with a washcloth before your appointment. Also, conditioning your skin with lotion before and after waxing helps prevent ingrown hairs. Lastly, avoid waxing your bikini a few days before and after your menstrual cycle, when you are more sensitive to pain.

With waxing, you simply experience silky smooth skin that just cannot be replicated by shaving. Waxing is well worth the results, and is even better prior to taking a vacation. Imagine taking a beach trip without having to worry about constantly shaving skin that is exposed to sunlight, saltwater, and sand. Contact our day spa in Nashua to book your next waxing appointment.