The waxing world is probably about 90% women because in western society, women usually shave their armpits and legs, as well as other areas that are more private and sensitive. Men, on the other hand, usually don’t mainly because of society. However, this is changing as men are now more careful about their appearance and want to avoid the burly look at times.

Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua believes that men need self care just as much as women. Men work hard every day and need a day to unwind with a massage or to rid themselves of unwanted hair when they so desire. We love our male clients, and we do everything we can to make them feel at home in a female-dominated industry. In this blog post, we’ll go over what to expect if you’re a man who has never been waxed before. Visit us today!


If you think you’re the only guy who wants body hair removed, think again. With the trend towards metrosexual and “manscaping” or a hairless body, men are visiting waxing boutiques and day spas in droves. There are many reasons why men might want to remove some or all of their body hair from certain areas.

  • To please the woman in their life. This is probably the number one reason why men have turned to waxing, so, yes, ladies, your man who removes his hair through body waxing for you cares for you a lot!
  • For cleanliness. Your body can be easier to keep clean with less body hair, especially if you have an overabundance of it.
  • Because they want to. Many men are just tired of being so hairy, so they want to try life with less hair. It’s a personal choice, like so many other choices in our lives with regards to things we do.


The reason men turn to body waxing is similar to the reasons women use body waxing services at day spas and other wax boutiques.

  • Speed. Depending on the surface area you want waxed and how much hair you actually have, waxing is by far the faster process than shaving at home. Waxing works by putting hot wax on the area you want the hair removed from, putting a cloth over the wax for the hair to stick to, and then yanking really hard, which removes the wax and the hair along with it. You can cover a huge area doing this repetitively, not to mention the fact that most professional waxers are extremely quick at their jobs with so much practice.
  • Longevity. Because waxing pulls the hair out by the root instead of just cutting the top of the hair off like you do when shaving, it takes longer for the hair to grow back. In fact, over half of the hair lies below your skin since the hair resides in a hair follicle (or hair root), which lies deep in the dermis (the outer layer) of your skin. Most of the time, it takes anywhere between four to six weeks for your hair to grow back. Now think about how many times you normally shave the area you are waxing, and you have one of the strongest reasons to get waxed.
  • Amazing results. Most of us know how annoying it is to miss spots while you are shaving, which you often don’t notice until the most inopportune times. When you invest in body waxing services with a top-notch day spa, such as Inner Beauty Concepts by Nashua, you can rest assured that you won’t have any missed spots and that you’ll be left smooth and pleased with your results.

  • Gets hard to reach places. A common place men get waxed is their back. Well, if you’ve ever tried to shave your back by yourself, you know that this is virtually impossible. Getting hard to reach places, such as your armpits, chest, and back, is easy to do when you invest in professional body waxing services by Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua.
  • Easier to target spots. Many men chafe in their nether regions (another hard to reach spot) from their body hair, which can be bothersome while doing activities, such as working out. Professional waxing services can target these areas quite effectively.
  • Less hair grows back. The best part about waxing that many of our Inner Beauty Clients in Nashua report is that less hair grows back with time, and the hair usually grows back smoother and thinner than before.
  • It beats cutting yourself shaving. Many men don’t shave because it’s work and because they cut themselves shaving. When you get waxed, you won’t have to worry about shaving or cutting yourself in the process.


Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua was founded with the intent to bring out your inner and outer beauty through our spa treatments. We offer a plethora of self care options besides body waxing, including facial treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, massage therapy, body polish, foot reflexology, lamprope, and permanent hair reduction solutions. Our men’s spa treatments are the best in the business, offering customized care for your needs. We also offer couples massages for you and your loved one.

Inner Beauty Concepts’ mission is for you to leave our day spa content, relaxed, and rejuvenated to take on life. Contact us today for your spa treatment appointment!