In our last blog post, we discussed the reasons men get waxed. In this blog post, we’ll continue our series on men getting body waxing by taking a look at what to expect at your first waxing appointment as well as at some possible side effects of waxing.

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It’s not as bad as the movies say it is.

Men in particular tend to build up in their minds an anticipation of what waxing will be like, which includes an obscene amount of pain. This is simply not true, but it does prevent a lot of men from trying waxing in the first place.

Make sure your waxer is experienced.

If this is your first time getting waxed, the skill of the technician is important. For men who are getting sensitive areas waxed, you can have your skin torn or damaged if not done properly. Thus, Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua recommends you go to a reputable place and ask for an experienced technician. If you choose a day spa, they usually only hire experienced waxers.

Prepare ahead of time.

Shower before you come in as clean skin is better for waxing. Otherwise, any dirt on your body will block the wax from the hairs. Don’t lotion the area you are waxing, as this makes it more difficult for the wax to grip the hair. You’ll need your hair long enough for the wax to take hold. If you normally shave the area you are getting waxed, you’ll need to let it grow out for three weeks or so before getting waxed. You can take ibuprofen if you are worried about the pain ahead of time. However, alcohol is not recommended as this just makes your skin more sensitive. Smoking and caffeine can have the same effect. Wear loose clothing afterward.

Aftercare is important.

Since you just traumatized your skin, you’ll need to take extra care for the first 48 hours or so immediately after you are waxed. Inner Beauty Concepts recommends that you don’t exfoliate for a few days afterwards until any redness, rashes, or puffiness has subsided. Then you’ll want to exfoliate every few days or so to prevent ingrown hairs from cropping up. For the first few days, your pores will be opened and more sensitive, so you’ll want to avoid baths, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and exercise.


  • Rashes. Because you just yanked out a bunch of hair, your body may develop rashes from the irritation your skin is feeling. Again, this is a normal reaction for first time waxers, but this reaction usually decreases as well.
  • Itching. There is no doubt that when your hair does begin to grow back after a couple of weeks that you may itch. This is natural and normal, and some guys can’t stand this part of waxing. However, your skin develops a tolerance for waxing treatments, and as you get more of them in an area, the itching sensation will most likely decrease.
  • Puffiness. Puffiness is a reaction from your body to irritation and is your body’s way of signaling your body that something is wrong.


Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua offers customized spa treatment services for men are designed for your comfort and your discretion to relax, soothe, and refresh you. Spa treatments can reverse the signs of aging, soothe sore muscles, and offer you a chance to get pampered by having someone else shave you. It’s important for men to release de-stress from the daily grind and spa treatments are a great way to do just that!

The three main spa treatments that Inner Beauty Concepts offers for men include facials, massage, and waxing. Facials for men help to relieve stress as pressure points on your face and head are massaged and soothed. It will help your skin to glow, deep clean the skin on your face and remove all the dirt, and helps with cell regeneration. Facials will help promote blood circulation, which translates to healthier skin cells. Furthermore, your skin will be detoxified, from the rich antioxidant creams we use that will help prevent acne breakouts. Whiteheads and blackheads will be removed by our expert technicians, not to mention all of the other dead skin that accumulates on your face. The benefits of facials go on and on, so they are a great investment for the health of your skin.

Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua makes spa treatment appointments convenient for you by offering online booking and gift cards. We offer extended hours so you can come after work. We also offer an array of great men’s home skin care products, which we will be more than happy to share with you tips and tricks to use at home. When you invest in facial grooming, you’ll not only get a close shave, but you’ll also receive ear hair removal, nostril hair trimming and/or waxing, nape of the neck waxing, and lash and brow tinting.

The array of pampering men’s spa treatments here at Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua is dizzying. Contact us today to get started!