You’ve probably heard of lash lifting if you spend anytime at all riffling through magazines while in waiting rooms, or even on the internet, searching for massages and day spas. Lash lifting has become insanely popular mainly because it’s an all-natural way to get amazing eyelashes with minimal work.

Inner Beauty Concepts offers the best spa treatments in Nashua, including massage therapy, pregnancy massage, foot reflexology, and facial treatments for both men and women. Our mission is to help you feel incredibly beautiful both inside and out by providing you with treatments that will help you look amazing in a relaxing, peaceful environment. Below, we’ll dive into lash lift treatments and their benefits. Give us a call today to schedule your next spa treatment service!


Eyelash lifting takes your natural eyelashes and sets them in place, similar to what a perm does to hair. It separates your eyelashes and gives them extra definition. There are different results associated with lash lifting, which you will discuss with your aesthetician at your appointment. Some people like a more fanned out look; others want optimal curl.


Solution is applied.

Once you have your consultation with your spa practitioner and decide on the particulars of your look, your lashes will be cleaned. He or she will then separate out the top lashes from the bottom lashes and use a silicone shield to gently stick your upper lashes to. At this point, a solution will be applied in order for your eyelashes to maintain the shape. It will soften the hairs of your eyelashes. Here you will have to sit for about 10 minutes to allow the solution to take effect. Also, if your hair has a tendency to not hold a curl, let your spa practitioner know that in case an extra dose or extra time is needed for your lashes to set.

Next, a setting solution is applied to maintain the position of your eyelashes and harden them back up. It will lock in the shape. An oil is then applied to make your lashes smooth and moist afterward.


Results are striking, taking your normally limp lashes and making them appear twice as long as they now curl beautifully. This treatment should last from six to eight weeks, which is about the length of your eyelash growth cycle. All of your curly lashes have been shed, and new ones grow back straight.

You can wear mascara and any other eye makeup. In fact, Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua encourages you to do so, to highlight the new beauty of your lashes.

The lash lift process takes about 25 minutes once you get started. With lash extensions, you have to worry about touching your eyes. With lash lifts, they are your natural eyelashes, so you can rub your eyes if need be.


Here at Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua, we use the most natural ingredients possible on your eyelashes. We also recommend getting your lashes tinted if so desired at the same time. This only adds on an additional 10 minutes or so, and you will not only have great lashes, but colored ones as well!

If you want to help your eyelashes stay curled longer, we recommend that you try our LiLash eyelash serum, which is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and paraben-free. This serum applied once a day can enhance the growth and appearance of your long beautiful lashes by targeting the lash follicles.

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Inner Beauty Concepts in Nashua desires to help you feel amazing, both inward and outward. Call us today to book your next spa treatment!